Father sentenced to prison for marrying his daughter, whom he had abandoned as a child

A Nebraska father was sentenced to prison for having sex with and marrying his daughter, whom he had abandoned as a youngster. Travis Fieldgrove began seeing Samantha Kershner when she was just 20 years old, but when the law caught up with them, he was sentenced to the state’s maximum penalty of two years in prison.

According to Nebraska TV, Fieldgrove was given another two-year term for attempted incest a year into his two-year sentence. In addition, when he is freed, he will be on probation for a year and will be prohibited from contacting Kershner in any manner.

Credits: Bolde.com/Hall County Jail

Kershner was very interested at the opportunity to be with her father.

She was so confident in her ability to get Fieldgrove into bed before her half-sister that she bet her half-sister at the time. She was, in fact, correct. Kershner’s desire to her father “originated from a jealous struggle with her half-sister over who could have sex with their father,” according to police.

When authorities started looking into the possibility of an unlawful relationship between the two, they discovered that Kershner and Fieldgrove were gloating about their relationship all over Facebook. While they first denied they were connected, Fieldgrove’s paternity was subsequently proven by DNA text.

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It’s unknown why Kershner wasn’t also sentenced to jail.

While she is considerably younger than Fieldgrove, she was an adult who breached the state’s incest laws, so you’d expect her to be arrested as well. She most likely agreed to a plea deal with prosecutors in order to avoid jail time.

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